Before contacting us, please consider if any of the services listed below could help you.

1. Check it's not an emergency

Call 111 or 999 for urgent medical help if you have any of these, as your request will not be seen immediately.

  • Crushing chest pain and tightness
  • New drooping on one side of the face, slurred speech, difficulty raising your arms, weakness or numbness on one side of your body
  • Severe difficulty breathing
  • Heavy bleeding that won't stop
  • Severe injuries
  • Feeling suicidal, wanting to harm yourself, or others

2. Common Ailments Service - Advice and free treatment for a range of common ailments without having to make a GP appointment. If you need assistance, please visit the surgery and we will direct you to the appropriate service.

3. First Contact Physiotherapy - Physiotherapists provide assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation. Please click here or the link above to request assistance. 

4. Find an optician 

5. Dental Services 

6. NHS Wales 111 – Mental Health Support For All - It’s important we all look after our mental health and wellbeing. So if you need to talk to someone – or you’re concerned about a loved one - call 111 and select option 2 to speak to a dedicated member of our mental health team. We’re here from 8.30am until 11pm at night, 7 days a week – offering urgent mental health support to people of all ages.

We offer a blend of urgent (same day) and non-urgent appointments.

Emergency Appointment

Call the surgery where your condition will be triaged by the duty doctor

Call the surgery - 01656304204

Same Day Appointment 

Call or visit the surgery to request an appointment at 8am

Call the surgery - 01656304204

Non-Urgent Appointment 

The Practice has taken the decision to stop econults for children under 16yrs as a matter of safety.  This is to avoid delays in seeing acutely unwell children who should be seen sooner than the 48 hours limit applied to deal with econults.

Please contact the surgery in the normal manner for children.

Non-urgent routine appointments can be booked up to 4–6 weeks in advance. Please phone the surgery or attend the surgery in person after 10am or request through eConsult below.

Please note, eConsults are only available between 08:00am and 11:00am Monday to Friday

House call 

These are only for the housebound and need to be requested by telephone where possible before midday